Officers and Staff

152 Officers

Back row: Tommy Eddy, Chad Oleksa, Steve Miller, Sr., Dave King, Dominick Bonfili, Art Menear, Mike Crandall, Bryan Hilling, Sr., Bryan Raber, Bill Webb, and Jimmy Cartwright, Jr.

Front row: Jimmy Rowan, Greg Rice, Chris Catlett, Jason Griffith and Robin Bowley

Business Manager and Business Agent

Business Manager Jason Griffith and Business Agent Robin Bowley

President and Vice President

President Chris Catlett

Vice President Bryan Raber

Executive Board

Back row: Dominick Bonfili, Mike Crandall, Chad Oleksa

Front row: Bryan Raber, Bill Webb

Examining Board

Dave King & Bryan Hilling, Sr.

Not pictured: David McCrobie and Duke Bonfili

Finance Committee

Tommy Eddy, Jimmy Rowan and Steve Miller, Sr.

Not pictured: Kevin Waybright

WV State Pipe Trades Organizer

Joe Trentini

Training Coordinator

Chad Oleksa

Recording Secretary

Greg Rice

Office Professional

Katie Hart